This project's goal was to make a minimum of 8 style frames for a music video with a song of my choice. I chose to go with the song called "I Wanna Be" by Stance Punks. I also wanted the style frames to represent a shorter amount of time withing the song so I chose a section of the song at the end. The concept for these frames is to generally illustrate the lyrics of the song with an abstract portrayal of setting and progression. 
Selected Lyrics: 
I WANNA BE born on the star of dreams,
Then I ought to make it in time
Interpretation: In my mind, the "Star of dreams" is the character's goals. Whether it is to be someone or do something, the star of dreams is the goal. When the song talks about making it in time, I believe its talking about being in the right place at the right time to be able to achieve their dream. 
Mood board

This mood board was mainly for composition style and color, but everything on here contributed to the frames. 

From top left to bottom right:
The frames start with an homage to the official art for the song. It has four people jumping into the air with the song title and a city below them. 
The song title warps into a star as the buildings, people, and the cloud all slide down. The star falls into a cup of water. (Transition frame)
A character picks up the cup with a star in it and inspects it. 
The same character then raises the cup with the star in it up into the air in celebration. The camera follows the cup as the cup sparkles and a bird flies in the background. Feathers fall off of the bird as it flies. 
A feather form the bird falls down in front of the camera acting as a downward wipe transition. 
The next shot shows a character falling down in the sky, keeping the momentum of the feather transition. (Transition frame)
The character lands on the ground, which is also a clock. 
The character recovers from the fall and looks upward towards the sky. The clock on the ground changes time as the numbers warp forward. 

The way I found this song was from a show called "Soul Eater", and at the end of a lot of the episodes, the ending song was "I Wanna Be".  In soul eater there is a character named Black Star. This is who the character of my style frames is heavily based off of. I made him in blender and went for a low poly model.  After I modeled the character, I rigged him so that I could do poses faster.  I posed for each frame with the character in it, rendered it out, then masked him out in photoshop. 
Afterwards, I treated my character elements as I would the stock photos I used for other elements in the project such as the clouds, buildings, bird, cup, and textures. I designed the final style frames all in Adobe After Effects. 
Final Frames 

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