Choose a form of transportation, deconstruct is form and function,  and create 4 style frames breaking down the visual information and reinvent them. 
These style frames were constructed with how a maglev train functions. By using electromagnets, the train is repelled form the sides of the track, while simultaneously being pushed and pulled down the track.  This is where the magnetic field imagery comes from. The rest of the designs include parts of the train that I referenced. The Chuo Shinkansen, a maglev train in Japan, has this distinct blue streak on its sides. This is the arrow shaped object in two of the designs.  
From top left to bottom right: 
It starts with the smallest interaction in the sequence, the electromagnetic coils(blue) in the track generating a magnetic field.
The Train is seen passing through the magnetic field. Then the camera moves inside of the train, looking down the isle at the seats coming towards it with windows on the left and right. 
Then from the seats, the camera turns to the right to look at and out of the windows. 

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