This is a music video about belief, conspiracy, and perception; from the reality of the starts in the sky, to the flood myths, everything can be put under the lens of those three characteristics. 
The Making
This projects concept came along when thinking about what the meaning of the song Everything in It's Right Place by Radiohead means. The name felt like a good place to start, but I didn't want to be too on the nose with the concept. With that in mind and my recent enrollment in a mythology class, i ended up with this concept.
The music video is broken down into a few major conspiracies and beliefs that are common in society and across the world.
It starts with imagery of the stars, the place where all life originates. Everything we've ever known is made from the materials made by the lights in the sky, and yet many people think that those light are fake. Displays in the sky of the Earth changing from night to day, per the governments commands. 
The Moon is used as imagery referencing the moon landings. Most people know that the landings were real, while some believe that we have never stepped onto the Moon. 
The great pyramids are feats of extraordinary engineering, especially during "primitive" times compared to now. Many think that humans couldn't have possible made them at the time without extra terrestrial help. 
Scenes of the ocean are a reminder of the flood myths. Stories of a great floods consuming civilization are present in all cultures on earth.  This imagery is reinforced through the flickers of a modern city behind the ocean foreshadowing a day feared by many cultures. 
The Earth and Mars sequence is about a theory that Mars used to be a planet that was very similar to Earth with an atmosphere and everything(which is factually true) and humans polluted the planet so much that Mars became uninhabitable, resulting in the remaining survivors from Mars to come to Earth. We would be considered the descendants of those people.  

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