Overview and Concept
CoMotion is an annual student-led motion graphics conference at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).
When looking at nature, we often reduce beauty to its exterior, fixating on colorful landscapes and scenery. However, beneath this world of color lies an equally beautiful design system. Nature is the greatest engineer, architect and designer. From the beginning to the creation of life, the strands that make up the web of life are interwoven with a design system—the nature system. 
Here is the full title sequence.
2023 - 2024
Animation  +  Motion Design
Adobe After Effects  +  Cinema 4d
As an animator on this branding team my job was to animate my shot for the title sequence and a few of the title cards for the student showcase. 
Because this was my first time being on the branding team for CoMotion, I learned a great deal about team collaboration to this scale. Meeting deadlines and communicating progress were things that I had to catch onto quickly. From this experience, I learned to adapt to team workflow and communication as these were vital to the success of the team and bringing the creative director's visions to life. 
Title sequence shot versions
Student Showcase Title Cards

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